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Where there are more puzzles than people!

Since 2015

Our Story

The Siemens family moved to Maple Creek, SK in 2014 after purchasing a historic building in the downtown core. The two-story 1912 building boasted original hardwood floors and tin ceilings giving it a true feel of history and charm. By the beginning of 2015, the idea of a large toy store was born and work had begun. Over 600 wooden crates were just the start of this major undertaking.

On April 11, 2015, the main floor was opened and the fun was just beginning! In the fall of that year, the upstairs opened, offering more retail space for the growing crowds of customers. Having quickly filled the first building, the store expanded in 2016 to a second location three buildings over.

The goal of the second building was to sell children’s books and teaching materials. The latest addition in 2021 was a 1000-square-foot expansion to the main building to provide more space for the store and allow room for a second till.

When you walk into the store the wide variety of toys from over the decades will bring back childhood memories. Currently, the store has close to 30,000 products including Canada’s largest puzzle display and attracts customers from all over western Canada. Our vision is to create a memorable experience that brings people together. We love being able to help people find the perfect product and to create a store like no other.


“Five Stars!”

THE COOLEST STORE EVER! Being here took me back to my childhood with such a good mix of modern and classic toys, games and books! Added bonus it’s also a CANDY STORE, they carry a huge assortment of candy that I thought wasn’t made anymore. I will definitely be going back when I am in the area!

Would highly recommend!! There is always something new to look at every time you go.

Amazing toy/ candy shop where you can find a rare assortment of pop, candy and novelties. The staff is very friendly and helpful.